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Problems of China's wine box packaging

 With increasingly fierce competition in the domestic wine market, Manufacturers are particular about the traditional customs and cultural connotations, and even some manufacturers and dealers pay too much emphasis on the dependent packaging. The market of Wine Box packaging is unprecedentedly thriving. However,people worry this thriving a lot. Some domestic wine packaging can not maintain for a relatively stability. They replace packaging frequently, which brings in a certain amount of waste.Too many kinds of packaging can not leave the overall impression of the brand to consumers.

  When choosing wine box packaging style and structure design, except for the usual requirements, in order to pursue the shelf effects and visual impact domestic , wine manufacturers have generally increased size, which increases space of the box ,buffer part and transport volume.In addition, manufacturers excessively pursuit packaging difference, personalization, and emphasize on packaging design features and highlights, in order to achieve maximum sales results. Whereas,they pay less attention on how to design wine box scientificly and reasonably, how to reduce costs, and how to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection.
  Excessive and shoddy wine box packaging phenomenon is more serious. The pollution of Packaging materials, and environmental did not attract sufficient attention to people, gold and silver cardboard, and other pollutants, not to resolve to enormous pressure on our environment.
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