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Grape Wine's Decaping and Decanting

    A twist drill is the most effective tool in wine Corkscrew. Before you pull out the cork, carefully remove the aluminum foil, and then use the cloth to wipe the bottle around. If the cork has been broken, or the cork is too tight, it is the best to get the auger screw into the cork at an angle (leverage), as light as possible to move the auger.

    You should be particularly careful when opening the sparkling wine bottle with the Corkscrew, because the bottle of liquid is under high pressure. What's more, you could never open the bottle towards other people or some fragile items, as the cork may jet out under the pressure. At the same time, when holding the bottle, you should always use a napkin to wrap the bottle in order to prevent its rupture. If the cork is particularly sticky, put the bottleneck into warm water to increase the bottle pressure.

    Wine, especially red wine, would gether tannic acid and pigment sediments with the increase of storage time. To remove these sediments, you  will need decanting, that is drained of its sediments. Wine must be upright for several hours before decanting in order to allow the sediment to get together. Gently open the cork, wipe the bottleneck inside and outside, then pour the whole bottle of wine into another bottle once the whole.
    After decanting, you should put red wine in the air for a while, while white wine does not require this step. Slightly rough part of red wine get softer rafter exposed to air, which brings  a degree of balance, better taste, and must not be ignored. 15 to 30 minutes can be best. After opening, red wine should be fully exposed to the air to increase its fragrance and get its flavor smooth and full. But it's unfit to do so for most of the alcohol. You should open the bottle in advance for about half an hour before drinking to let the smell dissipate exhausted between the wine and the cork.
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